Friday, December 11, 2015

Week in Action!

Preschool Holiday program was the highlight of the week. 
Children have been practicing and preparing themselves for this event. 
Thursday night was beautiful and special! Thank you to all the parents for your support.
Thank you Ms.Caroline, for helping us with practice and playing the violin for 'Silent Night'.

Happy Birthday Rama!

Also this week, we started our new unit on weather and Antarctica. 
We explored the polar regions and the different animals that live in the 
Arctic and Antarctica. 

We read about Monet, the founder of expressionism. He often painted a series of the 
exact same view under different light and weather conditions
Children painting Monet's - 'Woman with a Parasol'
We talked about various weather conditions and classified them into 
mild weather/ wild weather. 
Children having a lesson on Weather

Children busy with their work
Teamwork on the long 4 chain
Match the weather cards
Trace the Number step board
Trace the Alphabet step board

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