Friday, November 6, 2015

Week in Action!

This week, children enjoyed going to the book fair and making their own wish list and some got lucky doing some personal shopping as well. We also had our conferences this week and enjoyed meeting with all the parents and sharing their child's progress and growth with them.

We welcome Jack, Samaira, and Kiaan to our class!

We started our study of Africa, and are learning to locate Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and South Africa on the puzzle map. We are also working on the flags of Kenya and Egypt. 
Divya shared with us an African artifact that was in the shape of Africa and had all the african animals carved in wood. 

In science we talked about insects are animals, different parts of an insect and various kinds of insects.
 Olivia shared a beautiful book on bugs with the class and we made our own tissue art butterflies.

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