Friday, August 18, 2017

Week in Action

Children have got adjusted to the school routine. 
They are engaged in, individual, small and large group lessons. 
This week, they got introduced to the different art mediums.
Using different Art Mediums
In cultural we started with the big bang and the birth of the Sun. 
Together, we made a model of the layers of the sun, 
explored the planets in the solar system and learned its sequence and characteristics. 
Younger children made their own planets with clay while older students made solar system displays.

We checked out our first book for the year with Ms. Jessica in the Library

Friday, August 11, 2017

First Week of School

It was a good first week of school!
We started our week with learning the ground rules:
Respect each other and all the materials in the classroom
Help each other
Quiet voices
Walking feet
Be calm and seated on the circle when observing "Mike" our classroom pet.
Some of our new students are getting acclimated to the environment and making friends. 
While the others were excited to see each other and the classroom materials.

Friday, August 4, 2017


Welcome back to both our wonderful returning families and all our new families. We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, August 7th and are very excited for another great school year!

Remember to pack the following classroom essentials.
·   Backpack large enough to hold library books (hardcover)
 ·      Lunch box
 ·      Tennis Shoes (safe on the playground and outdoors)
 ·      Slippers (to wear in the classroom)
 ·      Nap mat
 ·      Complete set of weather appropriate clothing – Labeled in a Ziploc bag.
 ·      Second set of complete clothing if your child is staying for After Care.
 ·      Bug spray if needed (along with medical form filled and signed).